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Wellous is on Global Business Magazine!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, a great big news here!!!!

Wellous is on Global Business Magazine Issue 87!!! It’s our honour to present Wellous as a well-known health brand in this influential magazine. Of course, this magazine displays our star products, awards received and event galleries in few pages.

Special thanks to all valued dealers and customers for your trust & support!


Wellous已经刊登于商天下第87期!!!感到荣幸Wellous能够以知名的健康品牌登上这具有影响力的杂志。当然,杂志的内容少不了我们的明星产品们,我们所得的奖项, 以及我们参与过的活动。

特别鸣谢所有支持和信赖Wellous 的经销商们以及忠实的顾客们。