Lo Bang Z Referral Program

I want you be benefited more, so I come out with this Lo Bang Z Referral Program. You will find an affiliate link in your membership account. Copy the link and share it anywhere you like. Anyone that clicked your link and sign up Lo Bang Z membership, he/ she will be your downline. Whenever your downline gets his/ her rebate, you will get a 25% of it as referral rewards. This referral rewards will be added to your e-wallet automatically.

For example:

You have 1000 downlines
Every downline spends RM100 at the partner site.
Downline gets 5% rebate
Your referral rewards is 25%

1000 downlines X RM100 X 5% rebate X 25% = RM1250

So, you are getting RM1250 referral reward!

Sound exciting? Get started referring now!