Terms & Conditions

General Partner Sites’ Terms & Conditions
Here are some best practices to ensure your rebate is always tracked:

  1. Do not click on any other coupon websites. Only use the coupons listed on Lo Bang Z.
  2. Enable cookies on your device and use the same device and browser throughout the ordering process. Ensure that your order is made on the same tab. It is recommended to use an incognito window to ensure that your cookies can be tracked properly.
  3. Disable your Ad Block software. Ad blockers will affect the rebate tracking.
  4. Ensure you’ve read and complied with all the partner stores’ Terms & Conditions.
  5. Ensure that a click-through is made from Lo Bang Z for every subsequent transaction (even when purchasing from the same store).

I used a Coupon Code that is not found on Lo Bang Z. Will I get Reward Point?
How many times you want me to say? Of coz NOT lah! You use a coupon that’s not from me, my partners will not give me my rewards and you won’t get yours as well.

If I return, exchange or cancel my order, will I get Reward Point?
No! NO! and NO! You already return, exchange or cancel you order, and you think my partner will give me my rewards meh? If they don’t give me my rewards how am I going to give you your rebate? So, you will not get your rebate if you return exchange or cancel your order.

Where can I find the specific partner sites’ Terms & Conditions?
Every Specific Partner Sites’ Terms & Conditions can be found under each partners’ site logo. Please make sure you are following the terms & conditions in order to get your rebate.

Lo Bang Z Terms of Use
By signing up for a membership with Lo Bang Z, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Lo Bang Z maintains the right to amend its terms and conditions, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.

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